Immersive Story-Driven NFT Collection on Solana with a Unique, Value-Driven Experience for our Community


After the nuclear blast at the Renchood Biohazard facility, nothing has ever been the same since. INFKTED factions have emerged, each with its own motives. The likes of Heroes, Mutants, Undead, and Wanders walk the lands of this twisted new world in search of answers, power, and control. Something in this facility had enough power to turn even the darkest of nightmares into walking realities. The answer is out there, but so are the INFKTED. 





The INKFTED survivor is 100% unique and created by leveraging our emerging technologies and unique AI-generated design process. Pair that with a series of custom base sketches to retain the structure and form of a traditional PFP-style NFT, and you get pure magic.

Our unique design process has allowed for pinpoint control over this special development process, providing the ability to harness AI tech while truly bringing our wildest visions and imaginations to life.

CREATING Holder Value

  • 01

    Unique Solana Experience

    INKFTED collabs with story integration where you can choose your own fate. Packed with mini-quests & missions that have a progression-based reward system. Opportunities to stake, earn $NFKT SPL tokens, Airdrops, and revenue distribution.

  • 02

    High Quality ARTWORK

    The INFKTED AI-driven artwork is a beauty to behold. It creates an immersive and interactive experience as the four factions emerge with each having its own unique identity and persona.

  • 03

    Top Tier Collabs

    As the INFKTED story line unfolds, we have already secured collaborations with top-tier Solana projects. This cross-over of our AI-technology fusing into other projects will cause a virality within the NFT space that has never been experienced before. This means you will see other projects get INKFTED!

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    Growing Community

    Get INFKTED and join our fast growing community on Discord or Twitter. With our network growing by word of mouth, make sure you get whitelisted and don't miss out on this epic experience.

INFKTED Collab Partners

Road Map - Season 1

  • Gamified Levelling System.
  • Holder Strength Reward-Based Tiers.
  • Airdrops That Unlock Web2/Web3 Rewards.
  • A television Series Approach to bringing an NFT collection to life with 4 video trailers per season.
  • Evolving Storyline allows us to shape the story around real-time cultural events, the PFPs in the collection,
    community involvement, and the integration of new collaborating projects/partnerships into the story.
  • Giving the holders and fans something to look forward to with consistent roll-out of new seasons and
    corresponding chapters.
  • Bridging other communities together in an engaging, interactive, and purposeful way.
  • Leveraging our unique AI-based design process to bring existing 2D/3D collections to life in diabolical ways.
  • Helping to keep the storyline fresh, interesting, and hyped up while giving holders exciting things to look
    forward to throughout each unique season.
  • Based on the INFKTED holder’s ability to hang on to certain airdrops/utilities, they’ll access to
    different rewards and perks.
  • Community integrated VOTING for the direction of the next chapter. (Mini votes along the
    way to ensure people are enjoying the direction of the story)
  • Whale Holder Rewards.
  • Increasing odds for prizes and special discord roles with perks.
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